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Some time ago, The Frank would play some punk songs, some rock songs, some folk-rock and the occasional alt-country tune. Today, The Frank have matured and evolved to a point where they play Frank songs... a synthesis of all of the above.

In doing this, the band has affirmed what it does best... play good, strong rock and roll.

The band has mined the various veins of music history (with an extra-special nod to Neil Young) to create their own raw, dynamic sound nurtured in small venues on cold winter nights. What you get isn't fancy, faddish or cute... just drums, bass and wailing guitars - the foundation of rock and roll. You will hear a bit of The Hip and some Hendrix, some Southern Rock, and I swear some Canned Heat, and even some Kinks... all blended into The Frank.

If you love rock and roll, you will understand this little history lesson from the band: You need to see The Frank live! But in the meantime, crank up the stereo and enjoy yourself.

Jim Martens, rock historian